Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sharepoint 2013 Workflow Sequential

Create new workflow sharepoint 2013 in visual studio 2012
Open Visual studio 2012 >> New Project
Choose Sharepoint 2013 – Empty Project with name is WorkflowDemo
Input your web application >> deploy as a farm solution >> Finish
Project was created follows as
Right click to project >> Add >> New Item …
Choose Sequential workflow with name is WorkflowSequentialDemo
Choose List Workflow >> Next
Choose your Library or List >> Next
Configure workflow follow as >> Finish
Sequential Workflow Flow follow as
Drag and drop LogToHistoryListActivity follow as
Double click to onWorkflowActivity1

Insert this code

Declare 2 variable follow as

Go back .Design >> Click to LogToHistoryListActivity1 >> in properties >> click to button … at HistoryDescription

Choose logDescription variable
In properties >> click to button … at HistoryOutcome
Choose  logOutCome variable

Deploy workflow then open your site collection and add new item

Item was added >> workflow was completed >> click to Completed link to view detail

Result as: workflow ran successfully


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