Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sharepoint Administrator

Sharepoint Administrator

Setup and Configuration Sharepoint 2010

  • Article 1: How to Setup sharepoint server 2010
  • Article 2: How to configure sharepoint server 2010 on Standalone mode
  • Article 3: How to configure sharepoint server 2010 on Farm mode
  • Article 4: Setup Sharepoint Farm without Active Directory

How to install small farm on  sharepoint 2010
  • Part 1: How to Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008
  • Part 2: How to Join domain from other server to server Active Directory
  • Part 3: How to install small farm on  sharepoint 2010
Enterprise search sharepoint 2010

  • Article 1: Configure enterprise search in sharepoint server 2010
  • Article 2:Search Without result with parameter &u=site
Sharepoint Configuration, Administration ....

  • Article 1: Design custom theme sharepoint 2010
  • Article 2: Sharepoint Web Part Zone, WebPart, WebPart Connection…
  • Article 3: Save List Template STP to Retain Lookup Column Data
  • Article 4: Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot
Utilities Sharepoint

  • Article 1: How to deploy WSP on farm using Management Shell
Sharepoint Central Admin

Sharepoint View And XSLT
Sharepoint Permission

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  1. Really useful, simple but useful. You just saved me a bunch of time configuring. Might even get to knock off early.