Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sharepoint Programming

Sharepoint Programming

Jquery - SPServices - Sharepoint
  • Article 1: JQuery
  • Article 2: SPServices in sharepoint
  • Article 3: Get data from Field Choice to DropdownList Using SPService (select tag)
  • Article 4: Redirect to URL using Jquery – SPServices
  • Article 5: Get group name in sharepoint using SPServices 
  • Article 6: How to validate duplicate key and require value using javascript and SPServices
  • Article 7: How to search list item base on ID
  • Article 8: Remove the Quick Launch
  • Article 9: Delete site or subsite 
Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)
Color for Calendar sharepoint
Sharepoint Site Collection
  • Article 1: How to create Site Collection in a specific Content Database
  • Article 2: Creating site collection templates
  • Article 3: How to create Site Collections from a Custom Web Template Programming
  • Article 4: How to get site collection in content db using sql statement
Configuration Sharepoint (No Code)
  • Article 1: Creating Calculated Column Formulas Using Excel
  • Article 2 : Add Sharepoint View to webpart page
  • Article 3: SharePoint 2010 Ratings
  • Article 4: Sharepoint 2010 anonymous access
Sharepoint API
  • Article 1: Update links to Top Navigation Sharepoint 2010 programmatically
  • Article 2: Sharepoint 2010 Synchronize user profiles value to user information lists
More Web Part
  • Article 1: API Classes web part
  • Article 2: Get Choice Field from sharepoint list and fill to checkboxlist
  • Article 3: using connector on sharepoint
  • Article 4: Custom properties for visual webpart 2010
Workflow visual
  • Article 1: Workflow sharepoint in Visual Studio 2008

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