Sunday, September 8, 2013

Setup and create project server 2010

Download Project Server 2010 and install it
Note: If you cannot setup Project Server Trial 2010, maybe your sharepoint server is not trial, please you this key for sharepoint server trial version: GGDG8-JCMXH-8KG8C-RJYYX-3Y33H and for Project server 2010 trial version: W7FTF-FPKGY-WHYHD-JCQ9B-K8H2F
Download Sharepoint server 2010 Trial at
And Download Project server 2010 Trial at

Then setup again enter key: W7FTF-FPKGY-WHYHD-JCQ9B-K8H2F and setup it ok

Run configuration like sharepoint product and Finish
Go to Central Admin >> Manage Service Application >> Create Project Server Service Application
Configure for:
Name: Project Sever Service Application Demo
And ...
After create successfully, click to “Project Sever Service Application Demo” then click create project web app site
Input Project Web App Path then click OK
Wating for Resources
Creating Project Web App Site
Provisioning Database
Configuring the new Project Web App Site
Project Web App look like

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