Thursday, January 2, 2014

Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot

Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot

Open your site and input data into your Tasks list
Open excel and click to the PowerPivot Tab >> PowerPivot Window
On PowerPivot Window >> click to From Data Feeds Ribbon
Paste this link to Data Feed Url then click Next
Click Finish
Click Close
Data is imported
Click to PivotTable Ribbon >> choose PivotChart
Using Existing sheet then choose 2 columns Title and Complete as follows:
Save it and named is Book3. Upload it to PowerPivot Gallary
Click to Manage Data Refresh of Book3 >> Configure Schedule ...
Update data in Tasks list
Waiting 12:15PM data is refreshed
Check your Schedule


  1. Thank you for the explanation! I looked for this information hours and I tried to do a lot of things but nothing worked. On your blog I can always find what I need. Thank you so much !

  2. Thanks for your comment. My god will bless to you.