Saturday, September 6, 2014

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service

SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service

Open SharePoint Central Admin >> Application Management >> Manage Service Application >> New >> User Profile Service Application
Input name and application pool name
Database is created
Service application started
Application Management >> Manage Service on server >> start User Profile synchronization service
Input password >> OK
User Profile synchronization service hang on starting
Restart SharePoint Timer Service
Open cmd type iisreset => waiting some minutes >> User Profile synchronization service will be started. If it still starting, refer this article: And find to row (ctrl + F) hang starting
Application Management >> Manage Service Application >> click to user profile service or choose Manage
Click on Configure Synchronization Connections then click Create new Connection
Input: name, Forest name, password then click Populate Containers and choose user >> OK
Go back previous page >> click on Start Profile Synchronization >> choose start full Synchronization >> OK
Waiting some minutes => after finish click to manage user profiles to search user
The result
My god will bless the healthy for all of you!!!


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