Sunday, March 25, 2012

SharePoint 2010 State Machine Workflows with Custom Task Forms (InfoPath) using Visual Studio 2010 (Part4)

How to Get data to Tasks List from Infopath Forms

Create new column is Comment (Single line of text) same name of Infopath Form
Field Status in Task List is exist
Open Shared Document and upload document then run workflow: Input Status and Comment as follows:
After Submit form infopath you see Status and Comment Field is updated same data is submitted from infopath
Continue, Task is assigned to User HR

Open Form and input as follows:
Data is saved in Task List


  1. I followed your post but unable to get the values in comment and status column. I have created columns in shared library and rerun the workflow but it is not showing any data inside column. Please help me. Thanks in advance


  3. Hi,anonymous.

    You must create comment and status in TASKS LIST same field in infopath form. because we handle on task List, not shared library/

    Thanks for comment.