Friday, April 5, 2013

Sharepoint 2010 Document Conversions Launcher and Load Balancer Service


Document Conversion Load Balancer Service: This service balances the document conversion requests from across the server farm. When it receives a converter request from SharePoint Foundation, the document conversion load balancer service must return a URI to the appropriate document conversion launcher service. SharePoint Foundation connects to the specified launcher via .NET Remoting and requests that it convert the specified document.
Document Conversion Launcher Service: This service schedules and initiates the document conversions. When SharePoint Foundation passes a document conversion request to the document conversion launcher service, the service must call the appropriate document converter.

How to do

1.     Go to central admin >> Application management >> under Service Applications click to Manage service on server. Start Document Conversions Load Balancer Service first and then Document Conversions Launcher Service.
2.     In Central Administration. Go to : General Application Settings –>Configure document conversions (under External Service Connections)
3.     Configure follows as:
4.     Go to your site collection Upload document into document library on your site. Right Click the document and choose Convert Document.
5.     You will be redirected to ‘create page from document’ page .Fill the required fields and click OK.
6.     Waiting
7.     A web page from the document will be created for you.
8.     Document Converters are associated with the Content Types (as stated earlier in the blog). To see
a.     Go to the site settings of your site collection.
b.    Under Galleries –>Click Site Content types
c.     Click any content type to open Content Type Settings Page.
d.    Under Settings, Click Manage document conversion for this content type.
9.     You can configure converter settings by clicking Configure click before each converter. Using these settings you can set Page Layout, location and processing settings for the converter.
10.  Configure at here


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