Monday, July 7, 2014

Sharepoint designer 2010 – Apply master page and page layout

Go to central admin

Click to general Application settings >> configure SharePoint designer settings

Choose web application to apply then check all checkbox>> OK

Go to site collection >> Site Action  >> Edit in SharePoint Designer

A another way >> Open SharePoint Designer >> Click Open Site >> Input http://sharepoint then enter >>
require to login >> input user and pass >> OK
Waiting …

Here is default of SharePoint Designer

Click on Master Page at left panel, you will see default master page (v4.master)

Copy v4.master

Change master’s name to MyCustomV4,master

Check out MyCustomV4 then Edit File in Advanced Mode

Delete PlaceHolderLeftNarBar tag

Right click to MyCustomV4 >> Set as default MasterPage

Open Site Collection >> you see Left navigation was deleted

Go to Site Action >> Site Setting >> Site Collection Administration >> Site collection features >> Active SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features

Go to Site Action >> Site Setting >> Site Actions >> Manage site features >>Active SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

After Active you will see the Master Page link then click to that

Choose MyCustomV4.master for “Site Master Page” and “System Master Page”

You will see at “Site Master Page” was changed

And at “System Master Page” was changed >> Click to Master pages and pages layouts

Check in MyCustomV4.master

Choose Publish

And approve Master Page

Choose Approved. This …

Create Page from Master

Choose Default Master page

Named is SPDPageFromMaster
The result as
Create Page from Master, choose Specific Master Page
Change Master page to default (v4.master)
Named is SPDPageFromCustomMaster >> store in Site Pages
The result as
Change Master page to default (v4.master)
Note: if delete PlaceHolderLeftActions, some page will get error.