Monday, July 7, 2014

Workflow Sharepoint Designer 2010

Creating custom list BusinessTravelTrip, create column ManagedBy type is Person or Group

Open Sharepoint Designer (SPD) >> click open site >> input site name

Click to Workflows in left panel

Name: BussinessTravelTripWorkflow and choose BussinesTravel list

Here is Workflow UI

Click to start typing >> choose Action >> Log to History List

Click to link and input your text

Continue choose Action >> Assign a To-do Item

Click to “a to-do item” link

Click next

Input Name and Description then click Finish

Click to these users

Click to “Workflow Lookup for a User … then click Add>> button”

Choose ManagedBy column then return field is Display Name >> OK

Click below the last action >> input lo then click Log to History List

Input text

Publish Workflow

Add new item with ManagedBy is sharepoint\yen

Choose item >> click workflow Ribbon
Click on workflow name

Click Start

Workflow run

Login with sharepoint\yen then click on In Progess link

Click on Title

Click Complete Task

Workflow Compled and log to history

Click Workflow in left panel >> click to BusinessTravelTripWorkflow

Check to … as below then publish workflow

Login account different Admin site >> Add new item with managedby is sharepoint\hung 

Workflow is started automatically, Note: if you create by administrator workflow will not start automatically

Add more two Action

No way to solve Approved or Rejected.
•So in SharePoint designer 2010 can not solve the solution: A send request to B, if B OK >> Task will send to C else Rejected >> If C OK >> Completed else Rejected
Our Solution Create Status column
Creating Status column

Design workflow step like this

Go back SPD, Click Workflow in left panel >> click to BusinessTravelTripWorkflow, Change option >> Start when … is started and is changed then Publish Workflow


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