Friday, October 6, 2017

Register SharePoint 2016 Online (O365 Enterprise E3)

1)      Register SharePoint online (O365 enterprise E3) at below link:

2)      Next, enter your user ID and password

3)      Enter your phone number then click Text me

4)      Your phone will receive code, then enter code then Next

5)      Waiting to finish your registration

6)      Sign-in page: with your user ID and password. After sign in successful, you will see this page is setting up

7)      After finished to set up all, then click to Admin icon

8)      Admin center page here, then click to SharePoint under “Admin centers”

9)      This is SharePoint central admin, and list all site collections appear

10)   Access to first site collection (, it will be displayed like below.

11)   Finished.


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