Friday, October 6, 2017

sharepoint 2010 Quick Parts Word

How to pull SharePoint 2010 document properties into Word (Quick Parts)

We use Shared Document library for this example, Create 2 columns is DisplayName and Province link below image

 Creating new word document with any content then save to template

 Go back to Shared Document library setting >> Advanced settings

 Click to Yes
 Click on "Document" content type
 Click to Advanced settings

 Upload your template here

 Edit your template
Insert you content here then click to add Quick Parts

Choose Document property >> Display name

Doing the same with Province property

Save then close word

Click to OK

Go back Shared Documents >> New Document

Input some content then save
 Save to your location

Upload your document which it was created before

Here is document was uploaded with properties

Open document and you can see the document properties is mapped to ...

When you create the new properties and you want to map it to Quick Parts, do the same step "Edit your template" and map the new document properties to new Quick Parts then Save it. But remember that: you must create the new document to apply the new Quick Parts. If you edit the old document with new properties, you will not see the change.


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