Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Setup Sharepoint Farm without Active Directory

1.              Setup Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010
2.              Choose Server Farm button
3.              Choose “Complete – Install …” then click Install Now
4.              Waiting
5.              Create new Sharepoint Configuration database by Open Management Shell then input “New-SPConfigurationDatabase”
6.              Input Database Server: Sharepoint_Config_DB
7.              Input username and Password
 a.             Input Username: (local)
 b.            Input Password: P@ssword1
8.              Input Passphrase: P@ssword1
9.              Get error because input database server is (local), so you must change to WIN-0OILG1SNLRU(Computer’s Name) or, action again
10.          Create database finished
11.          Here is database was created
12.          Run the Sharepoint 2010 configuration wizard, then click Next
13.          Choose “do not disconnect from this server farm”, then click Next
14.          You can change Specify port number, then click Next
15.          Click Next
16.          Click Finish.
17.          Login to sharepoint central admin site
18.          Click “Yes, …”
19.          17. Click “Start the wizard”
20.          Choose “Use existing …”
21.          Create new Site Collection
22.          Configuration completed
23.          Database after configuration wizard
24.          Site collection is created successfully.

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