Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part 1: How to Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

Prepare 2 pc, 1 pc for AD, 1 pc for database and sharepoint
In the first PC, setup window server 2008 finish then set ip for this pc
Click Start | Run then type "dcpromo" to dropdownlist as follows
Wait progress checking
Click next
Click next
Choose radio button "Create a new domain ..." then click next
Input your domain
Choose Window Server 2008 in dropdownlist if your os is Window Server 2008 or more than then click next
Click Next
Dialog box appear and click "Yes, the computer will ..."
Click yes
Click next
Input password
Click Next
Waiting progress installation
Click Finish
Restart your pc

Part 2: Join domain from other server to server Active Directory


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