Sunday, March 4, 2012

Article 1: How to create new document sets on sharepoint 2010

Open your site
Click Action | Site Settings
In Galleries | click “Site content types”
Click to link “Create”
Set properties follows as:
After create content types successful, click to hyperlink “Add from new site column” to add column for content types
Enter name StatusField, choice data type (option)
Create new group for column content types
Back to top level site, click to Site Actions | Site Settings, under Site collection Administrator choose Site collection features
Active Document Sets feature
Open your document library | Library Settings | Advanced settings
At “Allow management of content types”, choose Yes
After “Allow management of content types”, will appear Content types follows as then click to hyperlink “Add from existing site content types”
On “Select site content types from”: choose EOfficePortal
Add content type “FinanceDoc” then click OK
Content type is added to library
Open your library where you configure content type, you see on menu “New Document” appear content type “FinanceDoc” and click to it
Set Name 
After create document sets, you can upload document to there
Document is added to document sets


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