Sunday, March 4, 2012

Article 2: Workflow visual for content types (Document sets)

Open file Elements.xml of workflow, see tag <AssociationCategories>List</AssociationCategorieswith category is List
Change Category from List to ContentType follows as
Build and deploy workflow then open your site | Open your list where workflow is deployed | Add a workflow on Ribbon
Choose your content type “FinanceDoc” then choose workflow
Input name’s workflow
After create workflow finished, see workflow on content type “FinanceDoc” follow as:
But choose Content type “Folder”, you don’t see any workflow and any workflows other

Open your  library then Add new Content Type “FinanceDoc”
After create finished, you see workflow is running
Upload some documents, but workflow only run on content type is Document Sets “FinanceDoc”. Item is added but workflow don’t run on it.

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