Friday, March 2, 2012

Lesson 01: How to Setup SQL Server integrated Reporting Services - configure SQL and Sharepoint

In this article, we will know how to setup and configure SQL Server 2008 R2.

Run file setup SQL Server R2 | click link “Installation” | click link “New Installation or add features to an existing installation”
Set default | click Next
Check to “I accept the license terms” and click Next
Click Install
Click Next
Set default and click Next
Click button Select All then click Next
Click Next
Choose radio button “Named Instance” and enter Sharepoint then click Next
Click Next
Click button “Use the same account for all SQL Server services”
Dialog box appear, Enter account name and password then click ok and click Next
Click button Add Current User
Click radio button “Install the Sharepoint integrated mode default configuration” (Important)
Click Next
Click Next
Click Install
Wait processing
After setup finish, click Close
Continue configure SQL Reporting Services in SQL Server and Central Admin.

Click start | Expand Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 | Reporting Services Configuration Manager
Dialog box appear, click Connect
Click “Web Service URL” link, then you can change port number to your web application and click apply (should set default)
Result is connect successfully
Click to your URLs  link
Result below, you copy link above address bar
Open Central Admin | Click to “General Application Setting” link
In categories Reporting Services | click to “Reporting Services Integration” link
Paste address which you copied above to textbox, and choose Windows Authentication in Dropdownlist then click OK
Result Reporting Services is Actived
Go you web site | click Site Actions | Edit Page
Click tab Insert | click Web Part
In categories | choose SQL Server Repoting…|SQL Server Repoting Services Report then click Add
Result below is successful


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