Friday, March 2, 2012

Lesson 02: How to make Reporting Services Connect SQL Server Database

In this article, we will know how to SSRS connect database SQL Server.

Step 1: Click Start | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 | SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio
Step 2: Choose Report Server Template and named is RPConnectToDBSQLServer
Step 4: Right click Shared Data Sources | Click Add New Data Source
Step 5: Name set default  is  DataSource1, Type choose Microsoft SQL Server then click button Edit
Step 6: Choose Server Name, then choose database name and click OK
Step 7: Click OK
Step 8: Right click Report | Click Add New Report
Step 9: Click Next
Step 10: Enter query (Select * from TableName) then click Icon below and click OK
Step 11: Click Next (in Editor, you can edit query similar to use SQL Server query)
Step 12: Set default then click Next
Step 13: Choose column and click "Details>" button then click Next
Step 14: Set default then click Next
Step 15: Enter Report name is: SSRSResources | Check to Preview report and click Finish
Step 16: Result below
Step 17: Right click to SSRSResources.rdl | View code
Step 18: Find ( Ctrl + F => Enter <DataSource Name ) to code here (default)
Step 19: Replace code Above by code here
Step 20: Result below
Step 21: Open your site | choose list library Shared Documents and Uploaded File | choose file to SSRSResources.rdl
Step 22: Result, SSRSResources added to here
Step 23: Back to Home page
Step 24: Click Site Actions | Edit Page
Step 25: Cick tab Insert | Web Part
Step 26: In categories | choose SQL Server Reporting | SQL Server Reporting Services …
Step 27: Click “Click hre to open the tool panel” link
Step 28: Click button …
Step 29: Click Icon “Up”
Step 30: Click Folder Shared Documents
Step 31: Choose file SSRSResources then click OK
Step 32: Result Below
Step 33: Click button OK
Step 34: Click Save and Close Icon, Result below


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